Remedial Program

The remedial program is intended to help children reach class level. Our schools facilitate admission into a class on the basis of age appropriateness. Even if a child has never been to school and seeks admission, the child is admitted to a class according to his age. To assess student learning levels and to prepare student profiles, every child is tested through student assessment tests. These subject competency tests take place July through September. The child attends the regular class; a bilingual method is adopted while teaching all subjects. The child's understanding of the subject is evaluated orally in the regular class.

• The Remedial Program in English is run for students across all class levels. Students start by learning the alphabet then progress to read, spell, and write words. Students will continue learning the language through the use of simple sentence structures supported by simple text reading assignments. Building on their achievements, students will advance to more complex texts, vocabulary, and sentence structures. This remedial work is complemented by the subject-related words student learn throughout the year in their regular classes. It is our aim to tailor a student's language learning to their needs, this is done with the goal of building a strong English language competency in all of our students.

• The Remedial Program in Math is designed to assist students of all levels. At the younger (Nursery, LKG) levels Simple Math with Tamarind Seeds is a program we utilize in order to help students grasp concepts of numbers, counting, addition, and subtraction. in Math where the children learn count of numbers, place value and basic operations by providing hands on practice using tamarind seeds. As the students gain proficiency in working with tamarind seeds, the students internalize number concepts, essential vocabulary and math language required for the class level competency.